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Passionately Sewn Designs are the bold, non-conventional patterns that will allow the sewer to spark their creativity with a focus on showcasing beautiful fabrics. I sell a unique range of quilts, clothes, cushions, and bag patterns.


My quilts have large pieced backgrounds and simple applique pieces which makes them easy to put together.  Using fast to fuse applique and machine finished edges.  Simple quilts with stunning results.


My clothes patterns are your perfect wardrobe staples. All of them can be made in your favourite woven or knit fabrics.  These are clothes that I love to wear and I hope you will love them too.

I pride myself on the quality of my patterns; Each Passionately Sewn pattern is a print at home with step by step instructions and colour photos, which is great for beginners and visual learners. They also include full-sized templates, which are already reversed and tips and techniques to ensure the sewer can successfully achieve the project.

Print at Home Patterns

Passionately Sewn downloadable, print-at-home patterns are easy to choose, buy and use.


Simply choose your pattern, checkout and pay as usual and you'll receive your pattern immediately via email. (within 24 hours)


All my print-at-home patterns include the full colour step by step instructions for the pattern and the pattern pieces ; they also feature a 'scale square' to help you check that your printer is 'reading' the pattern correctly.


1) When you receive your pattern find the scale square... it is usually on the pattern pieces. Print out just that page without any scaling or resizing to check that your printer is ‘reading’ the pattern correctly. If your printer won’t print unless you specify a size, select ‘100%’. When printed measure the scale square....


2) After you have checked the scale square, you will see that your pattern pieces will also have a pattern layout diagram... Use this to know where each  page of your pattern pieces will go..... This will make it easier to stick them together.


3) The pattern will print out with a border all around the page. It’s not necessary to trim off this border on all sides! You trim only what you need to trim. This normally means only top and left side for almost all pages. For the first row, you don’t even have to trim the top edge. And for the first page of each row, no need to trim the left side!


4) Often its easier to assemble one row at a time. I trim the necessary borders off one row, then tape it together. Then I trim the borders of the next row, and tape it to the row above.


5) When your pattern pieces are together... Your ready to get creative and sew!!

If you’d like to order a physical pattern please get in touch today.

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