duckbill scissors

duckbill scissors


These specially designed paddle-shaped blade pushes away the bottom layer of fabric, embroidery backing, or interfacing by providing a clear cutting path. 

The "duckbill" part of the scissors keeps (and protects) the lower layer of fabric away from the upper to allow close cutting with precision and control - that means you will happily trim bits away without any worries! 

Also, the offset handle creates a comfortable hand position above your work surface, and its unique angle allows easy access to hard-to-reach areas


What are these duckbill scissors good for? 

  • When making handbags, use them to reduce bulk by trimming layers of interfacing away within your seams - and you won't accidentally snip into the wrong parts! 
  • Need matching pipings? Make your own. Cut your bias strips wider than you need, thentrim away the excess after you've enclosed the piping cord. Easy.
  • Cut out applique shapes before fusing or needle-turning - having such sharp blades makes the job easy and painless - no matter how many small bits you need!
  • When working with lace for lingerie etc, use them to trim away background fabric to reveal the lace effect without damaging your delicate (and expensive) lace
  • Love machine embroidery but HATE removing stabilizers and loose threads? Give these pelican scissors a go - they will snip away ONLY what you DON'T want.